Kay Eppi Nölke / Jewelry

Kay Eppi Nölke

1960 Born in Bielefeld, Germany
1993–1998 University of Arts and Applied Sciences, Pforzheim
Since 2005 Has run his own atelier, located today in Constance

Kay Eppi Nölke’s creations bespeak primal as well as present experiences in adornment. The models for his Grass and Band-Aid rings are twisted grass and adhesive plaster, sometimes first “worn in” before being cast in metal. Sources of inspiration for his pieces of jewelry are everyday activities. “Every ring while being worn,” says Nölke, “is the basis for a new story – your story.” He also designed archaic-looking iron vessels. These bowls, christened …Aus dem Feuer nehmen… (“Taking out of the Fire”), are filled with molten silver weighing between 200 grams and one kilo. Crafted in small size as pendants, these little vessel variants are one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. In 1995 Kay Eppi Nölke won the first prize for his Band-Aid rings in the “Kunst der Serie” (“Art of Serial Manufacturing”) competition.



Rings from the DrückDich project
Cherry pits and grass imprinted in wax and cast in 750 gold, stainless steel.
Personal keepsakes are imprinted in wax to obtain a mold, then cast in silver or gold and finally soldered to a stainless steel band.